Why Taos Now? LORA’s own Sanjay Poovadan shares his insight

LORA Co’s associate broker Sanjay Poovadan shares his take on page 25 within the Why Taos Now section of the October/November 2023 issue of the Enchanted Homes Magazine. Click to view the digital magazine.

Enchanted Homes Magazine is a monthly magazine that features insights, happenings and cultural news in the Taos area.

” Taos is a place that prompts – nay, demands an honesty from all of us who come here to try to make this our home. The beauty of the land has a harshness that demands honesty; our mix of cultures demands honesty; the economic stratification of our community demands honesty; the inequality that surrounds us – some of it racial, some of it cultural, some of it economic – demands honesty. In order to make community, we need to grapple with all the hard issues our country in this time is grappling with. But here in our small community where we have so little surplus, we have to work together to make something work because, unlike elsewhere, there is no room for failure or for prevarication.

This is why I think it’s a place that is now. In an age where short attention spans are encouraged and where algorithms provoke outrage and hysteria and where controversy wins points and the number of eyeballs is a measure of worth approbation, this is a place that demands we slow down and pay attention to the important things in life – our relationships to each other, to the land, and to our modest resources. Is my belief about Taos grounded in some essential truth or is it wholly aspirational?”

~ Sanjay Poovadan